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Ellis Bella

Deluxe Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

Deluxe Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

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Elevate your dance practice with our elegant Deluxe Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs, Lyrical Half Sole or Foot Undies; designed for dancers who demand both style and functionality. These foot thongs are crafted to provide a near-barefoot experience without sacrificing protection and aesthetics.


  • Minimalist Design: Embrace the freedom of dancing barefoot with the added benefit of our protective, skin-tone fabric upper.
  • Secure Fit: A toe thong design paired with a sturdy microfiber suede foot pad ensures your foot thongs stay firmly in place, giving you the confidence to perform.
  • Enhanced Turnability: The split suede sole offers excellent grip while allowing for smooth, frictionless turns.
  • Ultimate Protection: Enjoy the sensation of dancing barefoot while your feet are cushioned and safeguarded from the harsh floor.


Fit Guidelines:

Our Deluxe Stretch Lycra Dance Paws are intended to provide a second-skin fit. For an average foot size, select your usual size. If you find your foot to be wider, we recommend sizing up for a snug yet comfortable fit. Here's how to determine the perfect size for you:

  1. Stand up with your heel against a wall.
  2. Measure the distance between the wall and the tip of your longest toe. This measurement will give you your foot length.
  3. Measure the width at the widest part of your foot trace to ensure ample space for natural movement.
  4. Compare your foot measurements to our detailed size chart for the best fit.

By adhering to these guidelines and utilising our precise size chart, you'll find a fit that enhances your dance performance while providing the ultimate blend of protection and the liberating sensation of dancing barefoot.

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