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Ellis Bella

Lyrical Breathable Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

Lyrical Breathable Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

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Introducing our Lyrical Breathable Dance Paws, Foot Thongs or Foot Undies; a seamless blend of form and function, designed to elevate the fluidity of your dance movements. Engineered with a fine mesh upper and a flexible suede foot pad, this shoe promises to deliver not just elegance, but unparalleled comfort. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of dancers, our Lyrical Jazz Shoe is the quintessential accessory for practices and performances alike.


  • Five-hole design for enhanced breathability and toe flexibility
  • Non-slip microfiber suede foot pad for secure floor contact and effortless turns
  • Snug fit that mimics a second skin, ensuring a barely-there feel
  • Durable construction that withstands the rigours of intense dance routines


Fit Guidelines:

Our Lyrical Jazz Shoes are crafted for a universal fit, conforming comfortably to the contours of the foot. Consult our detailed size chart for an accurate fit, taking into account the width, height, and opening of the shoe. For those who prefer a custom-like fit, we advise measuring the widest part of your foot and comparing it to our chart for the best size recommendation.

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