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Ellis Bella

Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs

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Introducing our Stretch Lycra Dance Paws, Foot Thongs, Lyrical Half Sole or Foot Undies;  engineered from high-quality nylon Lycra to provide dancers with the ultimate combination of durability and flexibility. Embracing the essence of minimalism and functionality, our Half Soles are designed to offer the tactile connection of dancing barefoot while providing the right amount of protection and grip. They are an ideal choice for lyrical, modern, or jazz dancers and a versatile addition to any dance wardrobe for studio and stage use.


  • Versatile nude color that complements any dance outfit
  • A comfortable toe thong design that secures the foot and allows for effortless articulation
  • Durable split suede leather foot pad for non-slip contact with the dance surface
  • The half-sole coverage delivers the perfect balance between protection and barefoot sensation


Fit Guidelines:

Our Nylon Lyrical Half Soles are crafted to accommodate a variety of foot shapes and sizes, offering a wraparound fit that feels customised. To ensure the perfect balance between snugness and comfort, refer to our comprehensive size chart which has been carefully formulated to cater to dancers' needs. For those who prefer a more generous fit, sizing up is recommended, especially if between sizes.

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